Looking For The Best Magic Show Dallas Has to Offer for the Corporate Event Market?

Fred and Bobbie Becker Blend Comedy, Music, Magic and Audience Involvement Together to Create a Top Magic & Illusion Show Experience.

For more than a decade, The Beckers have been performing their unique brand of magic together all over the world, spanning 4 continents and 40 countries. As highly experienced international entertainers based in Dallas, Texas, they can present a full-scale illusion production or an intimate stand-up magic show for corporate events and entertainment venues across the country.

If you are looking for a live or virtual show for your next event, let The Beckers wow, dazzle and entertain your guests.

Why Choose Dallas Magicians The Beckers ?

Seriously Funny

A Custom Fit

Making A Connection To Your Attendees

You’ll be thrilled as you hear your guests laugh and see all the smiles during the Beckers’ award winning funny, yet clean comedy presentations. You will immediately know your event is a huge success when you see and hear your audience having a great time.

As one recent client, Laura Pittman reported, “People were laughing so hard they were almost crying.” Or as Mary Homan wrote, “Everyone laughed and had a spectacular time. To this day people are still talking about it.”

One size never fits all. The Beckers have several different magic programs to better serve your needs. Whether it is dramatic grand illusions, reading someone’s thoughts or elegant sleight of hand, comedy and song they will dazzle your guests!

As Terry NcNew stated, ” I’ve had many of our staff and supervisors track me down just to say what a wonderful time they had because of Becker’s performance.” Fred Becker is a Dallas Texas-based magician but takes his all over the world. He will customize the program specifically for your group.

The Beckers will create a unique show for your group. This is an important benefit. Because the presentation is created especially for them, your attendees will enjoy the made-in-Dallas magic show and remember it for a long time. Your key executives, employees and guests are the real stars of the shows. This makes your event much more fun for everyone! 

The reason why Becker Magic is considered the best magic show in Dallas and beyond is their ability to bring people into the show and really engage with the program.


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Becker Magic is a BBB Accredited Entertainer in Savannah, TX