“The night was wonderful. I’ve had many of our staff and supervisors track me down just to say what a wonderful time they had because of Fred Becker’s performance. “It was the best time we’ve ever had,” is the phrase I’m hearing over and over.” – Terry McNew, General Manager, SeaRay Yachts, Inc.         

“What a hit Fred Becker was on Saturday night. Everyone who attended is talking about his performance. The show was a real hit and the highlight of the evening.” R. Geisel, H.B. Reese Candy Co

“Fred’s ability at his craft far exceeds that which I have experienced at other venues. One aspect of their show that differentiates Becker” from others is Fred’s ability to immediately connect with his audience and draw them into the performance. His sense of humor is fully acceptable for all audiences, and kept us laughing for the full evening. It is my pleasure to give them my highest recommendation.” K. Aeschlimann, Philips Electronics