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Claiming to be the best magic show Dallas has seen is not an easy task, but don’t take our word for it – check out these reviews from our past guests and clients.

 “Fred always provides a different show every time because he involves the audience which makes his show humorous and wondrous. He made me laugh every time and made me wonder how he did his tricks. I hate magic but I love Fred’s interactive folksy shows. Hire him, he’s a crowd pleaser!” – Tom Canosa, Cruise Director RCCL/NCL

“Fred Becker is a great act & a true pro. He has always one a great job for us & we love working with him! He would be great for your event!” – Wendy Garvis, CEO & President of Operations, Don Casino

“Becker Entertainment was astounding and very entertaining for a group of airline executives that we host everyday at Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation. Fred was very flexible and performed a stage show along with sleight of hand at dinner the night before. He’s really amazing to watch. Everyone loved Fred and Bobbie! A unique duo that anyone would be lucky to have and everyone will be sure to enjoy!” –  Shayla Vanhara, Office Manager, Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation

“I had the pleasure of hiring Fred while at Covidien (soon to be Medtronic). As an entertainer and magician he exceeded our expectations in front of a large and “critical” audience. He is the “real deal”. As a business Person, he was honest, responsive and professional throughout. I would recommend Fred without hesitation for corporate entertainment, both small and large venues. He was funny, engaging and everything one would want in a corporate entertainer. Neither you nor your audience will be disappointed.” – Colin M. Preis, Owner and President, Amanda Senior Care

“I would highly recommend Fred. He has been a part of several meetings and we get rave reviews from our employees and attendees. He takes the time to understand what we are trying to accomplish, therefore integrating his participation in to the overall agenda. His flexibility is a big plus as well. He has helped us with intimate party settings where he interacts with all guests to big meetings where he works fro the stage. He is on our approved partner list and we always get rave reviews when we recommend him.” – Sheri Lawrence, Senior Director at Studio Movie Grill

“The night was wonderful. I’ve had many of our staff and supervisors track me down just to say what a wonderful time they had because of Becker’s performance. ‘It was the best time we’ve ever had’, is the phrase I’m hearing over and over!” – Terry McNew, CEO, Mastercraft


“I had the pleasure of working with Fred Becker for several years when i was on Norwegian Cruise Lines. His shows are vibrant and full of energy with great illusions and witty humor to round it all up. Fred has an innate ability to connect with his audience and create a world that leaves them amazed every single time. On the other side, Fred is one of the easiest entertainers to work with. Not only was he friendly and courteous to the technical staff, he allowed us tp join him in the creative process as he developed his show. A great entertainer and an even greater person. I would give anything to work with him once more.” – Alberto J. Levy Solo, Sound Designer/Engineer

“I have had the pleasure of working with Fred Becker in the cruise industry over the course of 17 years. I hold him in highest regard both personally and professionally. His dependability and integrity are second to none, and to use the colloquial, he is a heck of a nice guy. I always look forward to working with him as he will always enhance our guest experience.” – Margaret Lynn Scoggins, Cruise Director, Regent Seven Seas

“I was blessed to work with Fred Becker during my time with Norwegian Cruise line. As an entertainer, Fred knows what makes people go “wow”, what makes them laugh, and how to put together a complete show. He is always a professional. His tricks and illusions would amaze we weekly. Beyond his entertaining ability, Fred is one of the easiest Guest Entertainers I have ever worked with. He was a Cruise Director’s dream. If the schedule had to be moved around or we had an unexpected sea day, Fred was flexible and willing to do whatever was needed. He has enough material to add more shows, he would volunteer for events ( guests judging, magic classes, comedy bits, etc) and he enjoyed being available to passengers. I enjoyed my time working with and being entertained by Fred Becker. As a Cruise Director, I give him my highest recommendation.” – Shona Yaws, Living Well Manager, Southwire Company

“Fred Becker has been a headline magician a number of times for me over a span of time of more than 15 years. Fred was rehired because his shows continue to be creatively designed and masterfully delivered. You would expect that from a top magician, but what makes Fred Becker stand out above others is the way he handles himself professionally in the contracting stage, but also how he handles himself when he is off stage. Fred is a true gentleman who delivers everything he says he will. Bravo Fred Becker.” – Michael Day, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Special Event Executive

“Freds ability at his craft far exceeds that which I have experienced at other venues. One aspect of their show that differentiates Becker from others is Fred’s ability to immediately connect with his audience and draw them into the performance. His sense of humor is fully acceptable for all audiences, and kept us laughing for the full evening. It is my pleasure to give them my highest recommendation.” – Kurt Aeschelimann, Phillips Electronics


“What a hit Fred Becker was on Saturday night. Everyone who attended is talking about his performance. The show was a real hit and the highlight of the evening.” R. Geisel, H.B. Reese Candy Co

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