Why Dallas Event Venues are Hotter than Sofia Vergara
Much of the meeting industry looks to Las Vegas, Orlando or Chicago, and I know those cities have their charms. However, in my opinion, Dallas facilities can rival them all. To be fair, this is totally none scientific and clearly my opinion; but as a corporate meeting and event entertainer, I have been everywhere and perhaps have a unique insider perspective.

In this blog, I’m not going to list every event venue in Dallas Texas. There are acres of them. Instead, let’s look at a cross section of what is available and some that offer a unique experience. Where possible I provided links directly to each venue’s event planning information. 

Let’s start at the biggest: The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center right in downtown Dallas. Becker Magic just did a 3000 seat event there and it was a pleasure to stage and perform. From my side, the convention hall staff was extremely helpful (unlike some other towns) and everything was easy-peasy. The KBH has enough space to house huge exhibits halls and also has smaller and midsize meeting rooms for the proper fit. Plus it sits right next to wonderful museums and nightlife.
Actually attached to the convention center by a sky bridge is the Dallas Omni. So if you like the location but don’t need quite as much space, get acquainted with the Omni. It’s a great venue in its own right and I’m always happy when the voice on the other end of the phone says, “We will be holding our convention at the Omni!” The hotel rooms are great too!

If I was forced to pick only one place in Dallas that Becker Magic could perform as corporate event magicians, I’d probably go for the Gaylord Texan. It’s just the right atmosphere for us. Like all the Gaylord hotels it is a vibrant and lush environment. It feels festive but still business like and elegant. Immediately upon arrival your attendees know they are in for something special. Also, it’s close to the DFW airport, which might be important to you.

I’m certain that after I publish this blog I’ll regret that I didn’t add a few more favorites but it would be a crime not to at least mention Dallas landmark the “Hilton Anatole.” The Anatole is an icon here in big D and sit on 45 beautiful acres in the vibrant “Design District.” Just north of the city, the hotel is as much a part of Dallas as is brisket and football.

We’ve done a good number of events at the Intercontinental in Dallas. Not only is this property close to where we live (which is nice for us), it has the “Malachite Ballroom” which has a real stage installed. As an entertainer this is a wonderful luxury and it makes it so much easier to deliver a great program for you. If you want “a show” for your corporate meeting or event, take a look here… and then call BECKER MAGIC!

We’ve entertained groups at many Fairmont hotels around the world and have always had great experiences. Dallas has one which it can be proud. If you are looking for splendor and old world elegance for your event; give the Fairmont your consideration.
Some places have something you can’t quite put your finger on. The Hilton at Granite Park is one such place. It is very nice as are most Hiltons in the world, but I found this one extra special. Perhaps it can be called “personality.” We recently entertained the parent owners of this hotel at their awards banquet. They were just great people and wanted us to enjoy ourselves as much as they did. Located in Plano and close to Frisco it is away from the city (which can be a plus) and easy to reach by the highway.

You might want something more out of the ordinary and Dallas is ripe with possibilities.

If you need hotel rooms for your event, consider Hotel ZaZa. It is an odd mix of opulence and whimsy that works in a wonderful way. ZaZa is not so over the top that you can’t conduct business, truly it will bring out your more creative side.

One of our favorite clients are the folks of Studio Movie Grill. We’ve worked a number of their internal corporate events. I’ve sat in on their strategy meetings (they hired me as an executive impersonator, introducing me as a new Vice President of the company and during my speech unexplainable things start to happen) and I can testify that their commitment to a quality experience for everyone that enters their doors is second to none. They will work with you to make your meeting a success.

The House of Blues has outlets around the country including Dallas’ own “West End.” The HOB has an electric atmosphere and may be exactly what you are looking for. Frankly, I like the House of Blues for their eclectic menu and that they showcase many of our local handcrafted beers. It’s my kinda place. It’s a chain, yet still uniquely “Dallas.”

Want full on Texas Style? You want large belt buckles and boots? You might be happy at Gilley’s and the Southside Ballroom! They have the ability to house events large and small and can add the right southwestern flare. We have not actually worked an event on these premises. I’m counting on you to change that!

If your group is around 200 people and you are looking for something unconventional then consider the wild “Quixotic World Magical Event Space.” It is 5000 square feet of pure whimsy located in trendy Deep Ellum. A vibrant mix of weird and wonderful awaits your guests as they are looked after by a professional and friendly staff. How could I not love a venue that has a dedicated “sorcerer’s stage?”

There you have it, a dozen great places to hold your next event in Dallas. As I stated at the outset; there plenty more in the Big D to choose. However, a venue is only the beginning. To really make your event fun and memorable you need a program that can unify your attendees with a shared experience. That is where Becker Magic can help. We specialize in exciting and interactive entertainment. Sure, your group will see a great magic/illusion show, you on the other hand will see your attendees having an amazing time together. One that will stand out in their memories for years to come.
Ask me for our program customization package and let’s get started!