Fred & Bobbie log a lot of frequent flyer miles. Ever wonder what destinations leave travel weary entertainers longing to pack their bags and get back out there? Find out where they’d love to be and then leave a comment with your dream destinations!

Being an entertainer can look mighty very glamorous. And overall, it can be. However, choosing a career as a performer has few tangible benefits. There are no pension plans, no 401Ks, we don’t get a company car, there are no medical or dental benefit packages. We don’t get a golden parachute should it all go wrong. All of those things are for people with “real jobs.”

Yet, we performers often have other benefits that others rarely get to experience. One of those can be the travel. Unless you have a long-term gig in a single location, a performer can expect to spent a good amount of time “on the road.”

This always appealed to me. Even in my youth one of my biggest ambitions was to see the world. I wanted to be out there witnessing things in person, experiencing different cultures and collecting memories of exotic adventures. It may be the most motivating factor in my career.

That is not to say that I don’t push myself to do the best possible show that I can for my clients. I am constantly learning new skills, writing new material and rehearsing portions of the show that have been with me from the start of my career. It is a never-ending process of discovery, and rediscovery.

But the undeniable truth is, I am always anxious to get out in the world and explore. I love visiting new cultures. I am very fortunate that my wife and partner has an equal sense of adventure. It is great to have her to share experiences with. As soon as we are finished with one excursion, Bobbie is busy planning our next one.

Bobbie and I sat down and discussed our favorite places to visit. I added some of our personal photos to the ones that made the list. You might enjoy watching us take this virtual trip around the world.

Fred and Bobbie’s top destination picks in the world.

Those were our personal favorites. To be fair, those may change on a whim, but that is the nature of exploring the world. Right now, we are planning a trip inside the United States that will keep us very far away from the oceans (on purpose). We are looking forward to seeing places close to home, but because of work, were ironically out of reach for us!

Where are your favorite spots to visit? What is on your bucket list to see?