We perform many of our shows on board cruise ships all around the world. One of the benefits of working in this environment is that we live with our audience for a few days after the show. This means we get to interact with those people and get to hear their thoughts about magic and magicians. When time allows, I present a “Magic Workshop” or “Magic Class” where I teach some fun tricks and stunts that can be done around a dinner table or in an office setting. These are entry level magic tricks, but done smartly they can be quite effective, even in the hands of a novice.

Frankly, I enjoy presenting this class immensely. I started thinking about why I get so much out of it and decided it might make an interesting blog. So, here are the top ten reasons I like teaching this class:

  1. I get to create a small army of magicians.

Just think; if I teach one hundred people a trick, later somewhere out there in the world, 100 different little magic shows will happen for people I will likely never meet. But I planted those seeds. That is a fun thought and that makes me happy.

  • I may truly inspire someone.

In many ways there is a large society of amateur magicians that keep the art alive. There are a few of us that make our living as magicians, but most involved merely dabble and do it as a hobby. Those hobbyists do a lot of the heavy lifting to keep the infrastructure of designers, authors and manufacturers that I rely on in business. I like to think that each time I do my magic class I will open the door to a new enthusiast that will continue learning magic for the shear fun of it. In fact, I met a couple of accomplished magicians that confessed to me that they first caught the bug watching one of my shows. That’s amazing!

  • It creates appreciation for the art.

Anyone that has ever practiced and tried to play a musical instrument has a better appreciation for a true master. Like a cultured palate can appreciate the complexities of a fine wine, I believe people that have some understanding of the skills and strategies that go into a successful magic trick will better enjoy a very talented magician when they see one.

  • I have a lot to say.

I am passionate about my craft and I like to share that passion. When people come to my workshop, I figure it means they have at least a little interest in the subject. I fan that spark as much as I can. To me the least interesting thing about a magic trick is the secret of how it is accomplished. Rather, it is all the things that surround that method that makes it look astonishing or entertaining that I find interesting. I don’t typically get to speak to people about that, yet in these magic classes, I do.

  • I get feedback.

During the workshop I encourage the participants to ask questions. It is a wonderful opportunity to find out what is on their minds about what I do or magic in general. That information is highly valuable, and I try to put that to good use.

  • It is a different form of communication.

For the most part, when you are on stage doing your show, you are addressing a crowd. Often the spotlights are so bright you really can’t make out too many faces in the theater. You feel like you are talking at people not with them. However, when I am presenting my workshop, all that gets stripped away. There is much more of a conversation going on, and I enjoy that interaction a great deal.

  • I can offer a tangible product.

Doing live performances is exciting and rewarding. However, once the experience (for the audience) is over, there is nothing physical to show for it. It is ephemeral. In presenting my magic class I offer some merchandise that the attendees can purchase and take home. Furthermore, when they use those products, by extension they can relive some of the magic they saw in the show.

  • I could reverse engineer the situation.

Eventually I decided that I could also offer the product and instruction over the internet. I went to work video recording instructions to the tricks and stunts for people that can’t physically be at a live magic class. Now I can reach people that I won’t have the opportunity to meet in person.

  • Now I have an entire website devoted to these fun products!

Fredsmagic.club was born so that people could have access to all kinds of souvenir items all branded with our logo or likenesses. Having these items available is more a labor of love than a business (I don’t get rich doing it). But if there are people that want them, I take it seriously. Want a Becker Magic t-shirt or coffee mug? We can make that happen!

  • It enriches the service I provide the people that hire me.

If I am working on a cruise ship that has full days at sea, the cruise director likes to offer all kinds of activities to the passengers. Having that workshop makes me more valuable. Often, I work corporate conferences, meetings or retreats. Giving my workshop at these events takes on a different focus (often matching their theme). Being able to offer this extra event adds to my marketability, besides, who wouldn’t want to attend a magic class?

So, there you have it, the top ten reasons I love teaching my workshop. It is fair to say that I get more out of it than the attendees. Sure, they learn some fun stunts they can do for friends and family member. But I get express my passion and perhaps inspire others. 

Try it yourself! If you have several years of experience at anything, I encourage you to try teaching it to others. It can be one of the most rewarding things you do. The rewards are many and the risks are few!

To arrange a workshop contact Becker Magic (see email at top of the page). If you want the home study course, visit Fredsmagic.club or click on the “Learn Magic” button below.