When does an Illusionist in Dallas Make Upgrades?

During a pandemic of course!

Social distancing and lockdowns make it hard for Dallas Texas based comedy magician and stage illusionist Fred Becker to ply his trade. All of the regular venues you might catch his act are closed. Live events of all kinds are shut out of the “new normal.” Furthermore, this is repeated all over the world. It’s not like Fred can pack up his show, leave Dallas and take his show on the road.

So, what does he do? “Upgrade” says Becker.

Fred Becker is the magic half of the husband-and-wife entertainment company known as “Becker Magic.” Fred has a background in broadcasting and communications to compliment his skills as a conjurer. His wife, Bobbie, comes from the world of musical theatre and politics. The Illusionist and the Vocalist teamed up fifteen years ago. They moved to Dallas Texas ten years ago and proudly make McKinney their home base.

The past year has been much more home time than they are used to. “At first it was just depressing” said Fred. “We sat around in disbelief, watching Tiger King like everybody else, and waited for it to be over.” But as the weeks of lockdowns turned into months and more, the Beckers decided to use the time wisely.

“During normal times, we are in constant motion. Often it seems we get home long enough to unpack, reset, pack back up and move to the next gig. That’s not a complaint, its wonderful to be in such demand. But on the other hand, it doesn’t give us time to do a lot of research and development of new ideas,” contemplates Fred Becker.

Closing of venues and postponements of events meant the Beckers had nothing but time. It quickly became clear to Fred that it may be a long time for the entire world to comeback online. Vaccines, even at “warp speed” take time to make people feel safe.  

“At first, I was alright with staying home,” said Bobbie Becker. “Typically, we are always on the go, I enjoyed getting to ‘nest’ a little bit. After a month or so, I was surprised how much I missed working! I don’t think I’ll take it for granted again.”

The Beckers are poised and ready to bring their entertaining show of Magic Music and Mischief to your group. Your attendees are guaranteed to have a wonderful time!

Fred Becker and Bobbie Backstage ready to take the stage!

Look for Fred and Bobbie later this year on national television, at https://www.facebook.com/Beckermagic/