Thoughts on Blogging and The Feedspot Blog Award

Being a stage performer, I am very accustomed to addressing a live audience. When doing so, I get an immediate response back from them either by applause, laughter and even body language. It becomes easy to tell if I am reaching the audience or not. Over time it becomes a reflex and I can adjust my presentation according to each group. Blogging however is completely different, so imagine my surprise when I received the Feedspot blog award!

It is my observation that writing, or more to the point, blogging is a totally different experience. A writer still has and audience, but they don’t gather as a group. Furthermore, there is a great amount of time between the “performance” and the audience’s consumption of said performance. It is a lot less immediate. However it can be, perhaps, more intimate. It is more of a one on one experience. Writer and reader in silent communication.

My process of blogging is two fold; sometimes I just want to log some thoughts or experiences. Some of those make it here, but most of that type are on my sister site

The majority of the blogs found on this site are of another variety; These are designed to offer help or insight from a performer’s perspective to the person that is looking to use live entertainment at an event or resort. There are professional event planners, meeting planners and entertainment directors that look in here. There are also people that have completely different fields of expertise that find themselves in-charge of finding appropriate entertainment for an event. It may be a six-figure corporate event, a community party or a wedding that needs entertainment and I hope they will find some help here.

No matter who the intended audience may be, a writer puts their best effort out there for the world to see. I must confess sometimes I wonder if anyone is listening. Imagine my surprise when I recently received an email notifying me that my efforts have been recognized as one of the top seventy-five blogs of my subject out there, and was subsequently given the Feedspot blog award.

If you’d like to see other magic related blogs, please visit:

I thank them for the honor and am now emboldened to write some more. Stay tuned!