The Magic of Combining Sales and Marketing for Event Planners

Creating sales and marketing for an event is quite challenging, especially if you are trying to plan the entire event with just a few ideas. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the essence of running both sales and marketing together at all times to pull off a great event. If you want to be a successful event planner, you must know the types of events that will be successful for your team, understand the type of leads that can bring sales, and how to maximize interaction at the event.

Here is how sales and marketing can help event planners generate more sales:

Aligning the message

Whenever you create a campaign centered on a theme, sales and marketing need to be informed so that the departments can align their communication. In other words, if sales is combined with what marketing is promoting, the sales department will support those campaigns via its communication, and existing leads and clients to enhance the success of an event.

Targeting and attracting

As an event planner, when you start the planning process for any kind of event, it is crucial to have the events team connected with the team leaders of both sales and marketing. So, if you are sending the message to invite people to the event, make sure marketing and sales are driving attendance to the event jointly. The magician for an event entertainment should know the target audience, and have a special role in what he/she is expected to do in order to drive attendance and sales.

Maximizing the investment

When marketing and sales departments are working together, they brainstorm ways on how your sales will stand out at an event. So, as an event planner, you should advise the two teams to host smaller events within a larger one to interact privately with clients and prospects, while maximizing your investment. Invest your time into quality interactions to ensure your future sales are realistic, and have happy and successful customers in the long run.

Getting to the prospects and customers

If you see lots of engagement in areas near the targeted companies, reach out and host local events right in the their backyards. Have marketing and sales work together to bring the top rated list of customers around you. Provide them with a day meeting, training, and tools necessary for continued success. There is no better joy than seeing your customers happy because you reached out and listened to them on their turfs.

Deciding on what constitute leads

You may find that marketing and sales have different ideas of what makes a good return on investment during your event planning process. However, dialogue can easily change that, and help you identify the best criteria for sales. You can also combine sales and marketing at different stages of lead to foster your prospects and customers towards purchase.

Prioritizing Opportunities

Marketing and sales people would normally spend their limited time and resources on the highest quality, and sales-ready leads. As a magician, you should help them prioritize their opportunities by ensuring that your event planning data is fed into sales and marketing automatically to enrich your existing leads. This will not only make sales and marketing people happier, but also have a direct impact on revenue resulting from your event channel.

Generally, sales and marketing should always be combined on every event, from event planning to post follow up show. This will help you create an easy and efficient event entertainment for everyone.

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