Why The World Would End Without Event Planners

An event planner, also commonly referred to as a meeting or convention planner, is an individual who coordinates all aspects of professional events and meetings. Ever been to an event and had a moment to just ask yourself what effort goes into having an event running smoothly?

Well, in most cases, people do not realize the effort that needs to be put into planning an event and pulling it off smoothly. In fact unless something goes wrong, you may not even be aware that an event planner is on the scene pulling all the strings. Without that person, the entire event could ground to a halt. Trust me, if you an event’s host, you do not want to take any chances. You may end up embarrassing yourself in front of your clients, colleagues or other attendees. Hire a good meeting planner!

Event planners have become a core component of any professional event, meeting or convention running. They will undoubtedly have numerous roles including:

  • Choosing meeting locations
  • Arranging for guests transportation
  • Planning the scope of the event
  • Soliciting bids from service providers such as photographers, registering attendees, and coordinating other important details

So, just how important are event planners that if they disappeared, the world would end?

Event planning companies have a massive economic impact on our country. Today, event planning has evolved into a sophisticated industry and not only deals with the hospitality and tourism functions, but also with political and government organizations. Today’s event plannesr literally work with all industries. Can you imagine the difficulties that event hosts had before the emergence of event planning specialists? Can you now imagine what would happen if the event planners who have completely transformed the meetings and events industry as we know it today disappeared?

Event planning blackout

There would be an event planning blackout. Imagine event hosts trying to plan by themselves. Where would they even begin? It would be a total train-wreck. Event planning employs a high number of people and its positive impact on the economy over recent years has widely been felt. Roughly each year, $280 billion is generated in direct spending from meetings and conventions with about $64 billion contributed as federal taxes and $46 billion as state and local taxes.

Some important roles of event planners that would be greatly impacted


Many event planners are professionals at what they do. They therefore understand the industry better and know how best to make your event successful. They listen to your needs and ideas to help make a plan that will suit your event. Without them, you would literally float around wondering where to start and where to go next. In the end, you will plan an event that will either be too basic, or un-appealing to your guests, or even worse one that does not materialize.

Selecting the venue and planning on transportation

In some cases the client will have chosen the location where the meeting will be held. In most cases however, it is left to the event planner to choose the location, book it, set up for the event, and co-ordinate all other functionalities. Planners also manage transportation to and from the convention. They will handle flight travels, shuttle services, buses, and luxury travels among more. Without the planners, don’t you think this would hardly be possible? And therefore meetings, conventions and events would never happen?

Coordinating Details

Event planners coordinate things during the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. As a host, it can be an utter embarrassment to have glitches during your event and could send the wrong message to your attendees. Rely on an experienced event planner to ensure your success.

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