As a corporate event organizer in Dallas, Texas, entertainment booking is an essential aspect of running a successful corporate banquet, networking event or end-of-conference gala at the Ritz Carlton, Dallas. While there are many options available in the national market, the corporate entertainment Dallas has to offer is rich in talent, if you know what to look out for.

In this post, we will explore several key factors that top entertainment bookers around the country will look out for in a high-quality act.

Professional Experience

Corporate event organizers cater to a discerning executive crowd. So, it is imperative that a professional entertainer is booked to perform at an event.

Just like how a recruiter will deep dive into a potential candidate’s LinkedIn account, entertainer bookers will make a first-assessment by looking at a performer’s portfolio. Indications of a professional include:

  • High-quality images
  • Showreel or promotional video
  • Profile write-up
  • Show program
  • Performing experience
  • List of clients
  • Testimonials
  • Media Features

Corporate entertainers with extensive professional experience will also be able to present the show to connect with the wide demographic audience that are typical of corporate events. An act that can entertain blue collar workers to team leads to C-level executives is an asset to any event.

Interactivity of the Show

Depending on the nature of your corporate event, an interactive show can be an excellent entertainment solution.

An interactive show is a great way to “break the ice” and create a common bonding experience for the audience through laughter, audience interaction and participation.

There are generally three types of corporate event settings:

  1. In-house Event – An event for employees of an organization.
  2. External Event – An event for clients, customers, channel partners or industry peers.
  3. A Combination of Both.

A skilled and seasoned corporate entertainer will be able to present an interactive show that can work in any of these three settings. The presentation of the show will be tasteful, and any humour incorporated will not belittle or embarrass any audience member.

In our current pandemic health environment, good entertainers would also have adapted to the new social-distancing guidelines and etiquette. This means modifying their shows to maintain the same level of interaction and participation but while maintaining social distance.

Local Knowledge

Local knowledge of an entertainer can be an interesting consideration for a Dallas corporate entertainment booker.

This can be particularly important if you want to showcase local talent, trying to connect with a local audience or give out-of-state visitors a “Texas experience”. The ability for a performer to weave local and topical knowledge seamlessly in a show can bring your corporate event to the next level.

International entertainers who are based locally, such as Dallas illusionists, Becker Magic, represent the best of both worlds as they bring international experience with local knowledge to present a spectacular show.

As consummate professional performers, Becker Magic will connect and appeal to both locals and audiences from out-of-town. And you can get a full-scale international illusion show… without the international traveling expenses.

Recently, their prominence was highlighted in Fred Becker’s (one half of Becker Magic) feature interview in Shoutout DFW, a local magazine focusing on independent artists and creatives.

If you are a professional corporate event organizer or an executive tasked to organize your company’s next event, look locally into the corporate entertainment Dallas can offer and you might just be surprised that the perfect show is right in your neighbourhood.