1. Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini is the illusionist and magician who more or less created the modern magician world. He went from being a penniless Jewish immigrant to being a famous, self-promoting stunt man who worked tirelessly to debunk mystical claims.

2. David Copperfield

He is the modern magician that most people point to today. Forbes has named him the most commercially successful magician who has ever lived.

3. David Blaine

When it comes to tremendous feats of endurance, there is no one in the magician world that is more well-known than David Blaine. Few magicians have broken as many world records as David Blaine.

4. Dynamo

He has become known for a wide range of different stunts, from seemingly turning lottery tickets into cash to being apparently able to fly in front of people. Unsurprisingly, his critically acclaimed show is called Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

5. Criss Angel

Criss Angel Has managed to appear on television for longer than any other modern magician in terms of sheer prime time hours. His dramatic persona and wide variety of magician skills are the stuff of legend.

6. Teller

Teller is the silent member of the Penn and Teller musician duo, and yet he has still managed to become just as famous as the vivacious Penn. He’s a vital part of every stunt, especially during their debunking exercises.

7. Lance Burton

His career went on for thirty-one years before he retired, making him one of the most prolific magicians in history. He has performed for a total of five million people in Las Vegas, and he has had fifteen thousand Las Vegas shows.

8. Penn Jilette

As part of Penn and Teller, Penn Jilette has been famous as a radical skeptic just as he has been famous as a magician. Today, he is more well-known for his acerbic libertarian wit in some circles than his conjuring skills.

9. Doug Henning

People who are looking for a magician who also ran for office in the United Kingdom general election should look no further than Doug Henning. He also managed to work in film and as an escape artist, making him a very versatile magician.

10. Harry Blackstone Senior

Blackstone worked as a magician since his teens, and he helped create the profession in the early twentieth century. Blackstone was one of the few magicians who worked as a USO entertainer.

11. Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson has made more television appearances than almost any other magician. He has worked as a street performer and magician since the age of seventeen.

12. Siegfried Fischbacher

He is the Siegfried of the Siegfried and Roy partnership. They were known for being magicians who, among other things, made spectacular performances with tigers onstage.

13. Derren Brown

Derren Brown is another magician who has become famous in the skeptics community. He is skilled at conjuring tricks and cold reading, and understands the psychology that is behind it.

14. The Amazing Johnathan

His is an act that heavily features hijinks, which makes sense for a magician that is also a comedian and an actor. Many of his shows involve simulated gore that has a tendency to look very real.

15. Ricky Jay

People who are looking for the king or the queen of sleight of hand have found the king when they look up Ricky Jay. He’s good at the card and memory tricks that people think of first when they think of magic.

16. Roy Horn

Roy Horn is the Roy of the now-canceled Siegfried and Roy partnership. He became interested in animals and in conjuring tricks at a young age, and he and Siegfried used both in their acts.

17. Dai Vernon

He was one of the many grandfathers of the magic world, serving as a mentor to a good portion of other magicians and perfecting the arts of conjuring before many of the different tricks were established.

18. Howard Thurston

Thurston was a late nineteenth century and early twentieth century magician who was the most famous in the world at the time. His traveling music show was famous everywhere.

19. Mark Wilson

Before Mark Wilson, even the idea of a magician appearing on television would have been controversial. He is the magician who made television magicians happen.

20. Harry Blackstone Junior

He was used as a prop in his father’s magic show as a baby. As an adult, he became a magician who also tried to teach mathematics to kids using conjuring tricks.

21. Cyril Takayama

Cyril is one of the most famous of all Japanese magicians. He is famous for the fact that he is so prolific in terms of international music shows, including shows for charity.

22. Mac King

King has managed to perform in a lot of corporate events as well as a lot of public events, making him a magician who knows how to monetize his craft.

23. Paul Daniels

Daniels is a daring and controversial magician whose very conservative political views and tendencies to try to re-enact a lot of the daring stunts of others have caused speculation.

24. Neil Patrick Harris

Harris is an actor first and foremost, and most people know him today for his television and film roles. The fact that he has also worked in the magic world just rounds him out more.

25. Fred Becker!

Fred & Bobbie Becker are a husband and wife duo from Dallas, TX who help make corporate events exciting.